L·OVE is a platform developed by Epistemonikos foundation that provides all of the research evidence


Summary of Findings (SoF) are tables suggested by GRADE group that summarize evidence in a succinct, transparent, and informative way.



The purpose of Evidence to Decision (EtD) frameworks is to help groups of people (panels) making healthcare recommendations or decisions move from evidence to decisions.


A database that facilitates rapid access to the best available evidence for decisions about health

Map for guideline adaptation

It represents a step-by-step breakdown with aspects of elaboration for the realization of clinical guidelines, supported by the GRADE methodology. The objective of developing clinical practice guidelines is to summarize and transfer scientific knowledge, to help make decisions that are the most appropriate, to guarantee, reduce variability in clinical practice, improve quality and health care…

diagnostic isof

Diagnostic iSoF

The key information you need to understand the benefits and harms of Findings Diagnostic