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Clinical recommendations map allows evidence-based contextualization for decisions in health using L·OVE Platform

During the COVID19 pandemic, health professionals, authorities and researchers have faced an important challenge: to find reliable sources of evidence-based, trustworthy recommendations that are relevant to their local contexts and lead to better-informed decisions.   In order to address this challenge, an international group of researchers, which includes the Epistemonikos methodology team, led by our…

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Living Evidence project will train European organisations to incorporate L·OVE Platform in evidence synthesis process

This week was the official launch of ‘Living Evidence’, an international project where Epistemonikos Foundation holds a key role. The project aims to train different European organisations that work on evidence synthesis to support health decision-making, in using tools and methodologies that will allow them to keep those reviews always updated.   The initiative includes…

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Study about duplication in evidence production is selected for the James Lind Library as a historical record

A few weeks ago, the prestigious JAMA Network Journal published an observational comparative study of systematic reviews that revealed the enormous overproduction of evidence on COVID-19, as well as the duplicity of subjects in research and the great problem that this has brought when trying to ensure exhaustivity in evidence synthesis, using traditional synthesis methods.…

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